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Your Online Marketing Powerhouse
Benefit from a direct marketing company specializing in targeted marketing solutions that leads to business opportunities, effective customer acquisition, increased market share and better revenue.
These proven strategies to clients promote brand awareness and product offerings through powerhouse marketing solutions.
Market Research
Marketing research in any form or place comes in all different types and sizes.
Email Marketing
Here are some of the main features and advantages of LoIP services where you will
PPC Marketing
Being real experts at Pay per Click marketing, LoIP is the only place where you can actually figure out better output almost instantly, just look at the advantages you will get from us:
Affiliate Marketing
With LoIP Affiliate Marketing you will get two important networks just to make sure meeting your needs. Find out about each in detail bellow and you might like to contact us on the same in near future soon
Seeking the Permission of users is the best and ethical way to get a proper response on internet as you can not fool them any more and every one has a powerful spam filter from their mail service providers.
Search Engine Marketing
Search engines are a very important source of quality traffic LoIPís Search engine marketing follows some predefined set of marketing methods to increase the visibility of your website in search engine results pages.
Social Media Marketing
Interested in Niche marketing? can help you achieve more at fewer efforts. Though Niche marketing is a very personalized subject, we will just try to gel you with some information about Niche marketing it self.
Viral Marketing
A simple definition of viral Marketing says that, it is an incident that eases and cheers people to pass along a marketing message. Though viral marketing depends and differs highly from person to person. Generally a simple thing like joke or recipe sharing also slows down after a viral spread.
Lead Generation
A Lead and Data Generation System is the process of generating consistent, high quality clients through the production and placement of a variety of media including websites, brochures, post cards, newsletters, white papers, press releases etc. in optimal industry related markets.
Media Buying
Buying media is a specialized skill, which requires knowledge of your target clients, consumer behavior, the media, and the criteria used to measure the value of TV and radio programming.
List Management
Our knowledge of the direct marketing business, coupled with our technological leadership in the List Industry allows us to give the list owners we represent the best service & results in the marketplace.
Direct Marketing Lists
Loip is a direct marketing services company offering the widest array of integrated, multichannel, data-driven solutions for top brands around the globe.
Opt-In Email Marketing
Here at the Opt In Email Marketing Resource Center we have information on the opt-in email marketing industry, tips for creating and managing an email marketing campaign, reviews of email list management software, information on blacklists, and the latest news in the fight against spam.
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LOIP INC. have been full-time career internet marketers for over 10+ years, and have been top producers in sales.

LOIP INC. now has members in over five different countries. LOIP INC. has helped entrepreneurs, business owners, internet marketers to build, improve and succeed in their online, home-based business efforts.

The Need for Marketing and Support:

In 2000, We began internet marketing industry, we discovered a void that needed to be filled.

Internet marketers worldwide were clamoring for marketing and support in building their businesses using the Internet.

The Commitment and Philosophy:

Loip inc. is  committed to bringing to you the highest quality, cutting edge tools, training and support systems available for internet marketing.

L.O.I.P stands for:

"Laser Focus" "Outstanding Results" "Irresitable Offers" "Peak productivity"

We abide by the team building philosophy, and would like you to think of LOIP as “The Company You Can Talk To!”


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